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Types of Bio-Security


About us

We provide Bio-Security Installation and Maintenance in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens,  Bronx, Staten Island and the surrounding areas.

Our company advises you through every step of the way. Each bio-security solution has different advantages and disadvantages which are all dependent on the purpose and environment of where it is placed. Here at Safeco we will consult you on the best options for placement in order to establish a secure perimeter. Good placement is crucial for the best results.


  • Fingerprint readers
  • Live scanning technology
  • Anti-spoofing technology

Facial Recognition

  • Access Control
  • Identity Management
  • Time and Attendance 

Temperature detection

  • Elevated body temperature detection
  • High traffic area solutions
  • Government solutions

Behavior analysis system

  • Detect abandoned object
  • Detect intrusion to prohibited area
  • Detect crowded persons

Our company provides biometric security systems for private, residential, commercial, industrial, corporate and business clients.  Biometric security systems can have a variety of uses and applications such as : biometric safes, biometric access control, fingerprint scanner technology, biometric usb devices, biometric attendance/authentication and biometric entry systems. We work with the top brands in our industry and are one of the only professional integrator near you.


Fingerprint Recognition


Facial Recognition


Temperature Detection


Behavior Video Analysis

Additional Information:


What is Bio-Security?

 Bio-Security refers to Biometric security solutions which enforce access control based on peoples unique biological traits.  Biometric security is the technology of the future today. Many years ago it was too costly to be implemented on a large scale but with current trends it is the most affordable it has ever been. Some examples of biometrics used in security are: fingerprints, palm veins, facial recognition, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina scanners, voice and more.

Uses for Bio-Security?

 Biometric security has many advantages over regular security measures. It uses the unique biological traits of individuals to authenticate them, which are nearly impossible to replicate.  For example, if used for time and attendance it makes clock in/out fraud practically impossible because one wouldn't be able to clock in/out without being physically there. The same logic applies to unauthorized access to certain areas. If a master key is compromised, whoever has the master key will be able to access any area. With biometric security solutions only authorized individuals will be able to access those areas because their unique identity is their key. Biometric security solutions can be standalone devices or operate in a network in conjunction with other security devices. The most current use of biometric security are temperature detecting devices. If a user is with an elevated temperature their access will be denied or the software will send a notification to the monitoring staff.


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