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Face and Body Temperature Detection Access Control Terminal



About us

We provide Turnstile Installation and Maintenance in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and the surrounding areas.

Our state of the art terminal ensures your business is taking the necessary measures to increase your employees’ health and wellness by decreasing the spread of germs. SafecoGuard features a highly accurate facial recognition and elevated body temperature detection technology. This technology screens employees and visitors every time they enter your premises.


Full height turnstiles

  • Large
  • Offer greater security than other types
  • Variety of finishes

Waist height turnistiles

  • Mid Sized
  • Perfect pedestrian height 
  • Approximately 39in high

Optical Turnstiles

  • Use infrared sensors to detect people
  • Barrier free option
  • Variety of finishes

Speed Gate Turnstiles

  • Designed for quick ingress/egress
  • One way or bi-directional
  • Perfect for high traffic areas


With the spread of the new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Health and Security industries have reached a tipping point. These two industries cannot achieve the goals of containment and mass screening without coming together to find a viable solution. This device is a touch less, germ free, mass screening, identity management and elevated body temperature detection solution. Your employees on the front lines will thank you!


Infectious viruses and diseases such as SARS-CoV, Bird Flu (H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1) all share common symptoms, the main one being fever. Implementing temperature detection now will help identify people who are possibly affected before they are able to spread it. Slowing down the spread of a flu or virus can save you money by giving you extra time to deploy your business continuity plan. The COVID-19 outbreak has taught us a the following: 

(1.)There will be other outbreaks 

The best thing to do is be prepared for them. 

(2). Businesses who are not prepared will not survive


Many restaurants ceased all operations which wiped out their profits entirely. Due to this some will close their doors permanently. If there was a business continuity plan they would have been able to maintain a stream of income by restructuring their operations.

Our company provides turnstile access control installation services for private, residential, commercial, industrial, corporate and business clients.  Turnstile systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as : tripod, full height, optical, flap barrier, speed gate, glass door and swing gates. We work with the top brands in our industry and are one of the only professional integrator near you.

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