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Invading privacy and stealing other people's information is illegal. Such actions are fraught with criminal liability for the person who commits them. But this rarely becomes a reason to abandon listening devices. Many people deliberately break the law to get the information they need. This risk of “leakage” of personal, commercial, and confidential information accompanies everyone. This is especially true for businessmen, media personalities, and politicians. It is impossible to completely avoid it. But prevention is possible. To do this, it is enough to promptly find a wiretap in the premises and exclude the possibility of transmitting personal data through it. You can order a mortgage device search service from our company.

Covert and Spy devices: when and for whom are they dangerous?

Modern technologies have made listening devices almost invisible. A small microphone or camera can be hidden anywhere from a decorative painting to office supplies. This significantly expands the opportunities for attackers who want to obtain confidential information. At the same time, they reduce the safety of people whose confidential information may be beneficial to someone else.

The main danger listening devices pose is for public figures, company owners, politicians, and famous athletes. They are used to:

- Identify trade secrets for their further use for personal purposes;

- Increase your competitiveness in a specific market;

- Determine the location of material assets and important documents;

- Obtain information for the purpose of its further use for blackmail or putting pressure on a person;

- Convict a loved one of treason and more.

The purposes for which attackers use listening devices vary. But in each case, the fact remains: such actions are illegal and unsafe. And they must be fought.



Maintaining confidentiality of information is a key requirement for success in many cases. In order to achieve this, wiretapping checks are carried out in offices and work rooms, i.e. search for hidden audio and video devices with their further deactivation.

You can order such a check from our detective agency. In this case, the wiretap will be found with a 100% guarantee. In our work, when carrying out wiretapping checks, we use modern equipment that allows us to quickly detect covertly installed listening devices of almost all modern types. The work of checking for wiretapping is carried out by experienced specialists who know their business well and the methods used by attackers.


Hidden cameras in an apartment or other residential premises are an opportunity for attackers to obtain confidential information, such as, for example, where money and jewelry are stored, a safe code, and information about your personal life. All these actions can be stopped if the premises are checked for hidden cameras by our agency. In this case, the wiretapping will be deactivated, which will allow the customer of the service to feel calm in their own home.
The fight against hidden cameras that conduct wiretapping is carried out by experienced specialists using modern special equipment that are capable of inspecting premises and detecting listening devices of all types existing today.



The vast spaces of country houses greatly increase the possibility of hidden installation of wiretapping devices by attackers. The likelihood that a cottage owner who does not have experience and special equipment will be able to detect them on his own is almost zero. In this regard, obtaining confidential information about the owner, including where he stores money and jewelry, is not particularly difficult for fraudsters.
Checking for bugs will help prevent attempts by third parties to take possession of the personal property or information of the owners of country houses. It includes searching and identifying audio and video tracking devices and then deactivating them. You can order this service from our detective agency. Wiretapping testing is carried out by experienced specialists using the latest technological solutions in the industry.


The most common way to track a vehicle is to install GPS trackers. It is almost impossible to detect it on your own. Firstly, the device itself is very small in size, and secondly, it will be almost impossible for a person without special knowledge in the field of automotive engineering to distinguish a bug from a structural element of the car itself. In addition, an independent search for a bug is also complicated by the strong electromagnetic field that arises due to the operation of the car’s electronics.
The specialists of our detective agency check the car for bugs using special equipment that allows for a full radio spectral analysis, identifying and neutralizing any tracking devices.



The most common reasons for installing telephone wiretapping are industrial (commercial) espionage or surveillance of an unfaithful spouse. If you notice suspicious knowledge of third parties about your business or personal affairs, checking the wiretapping of mobile and landline phones must be carried out.
As a rule, a telephone bug is installed on a regular telephone set - a miniature device that intercepts incoming and outgoing information transmitted over communication channels and directs it to a given device. It is connected either to low-current wires or placed in the stationary device itself. As for mobile phones, wiretapping is most often carried out without access to the device itself - using special spy programs or using special equipment.


A leak of confidential information can cost a company both financial and reputational losses. To prevent them, it is necessary to periodically check the premises for the presence of audio and video tracking devices. Moreover, if business owners are well aware of the existence of ill-wishers or competitors.
Finding bugs in the office requires special knowledge, skills and experience. In addition, a high-quality search and deactivation of spy wiretaps is impossible without special equipment. Our detective agency provides comprehensive services for searching and neutralizing unauthorized tracking devices, helping to protect our clients from attacks by third parties on their personal and commercial information.
The inspection of the premises is carried out by experienced specialists using professional specialized equipment.




GPS bugs are a type of embedded tracking device designed to collect GPS coordinates. The device is equipped with a built-in satellite sensor that allows you to determine geolocation using GPS in real time. The received data is transmitted via GSM, so the principle of operation of the bug is in many ways similar to the operation of a mobile phone.

Installing this “beacon” on an object of interest to attackers allows them to collect information about its movement, thereby increasing the risk of its theft or leakage of confidential information. Our detective agency provides qualified services for checking for GPS bugs in order to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to your property and personal data.


A radio bug is a small listening device-radio transmitter with a microphone. It is capable of capturing the slightest sounds within its range and transmitting them through an FM radio wave. Since such a signal is publicly available (it can be “caught” on a regular radio), when wiretapping, attackers, as a rule, shift the frequency of the radio signal to a closed range.

The radio bug is “powered” autonomously or from the network. Unlike the GSM bug, it is more compact and cheaper, and therefore is a more affordable option for spy tracking systems for fraudsters. At the slightest suspicion of wiretapping, you need to search for a radio bug. This service can be ordered from our detective agency. The work is carried out by qualified specialists using professional equipment.


Embedded (hidden) voice recorders are miniature devices designed to record conversations and save them to a storage device. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, the usual massive devices are becoming more and more compact and can easily be placed in pens, flash drives and other, usually not suspicious, household items.

The ability to professionally disguise spy tracking devices greatly complicates the search for hidden voice recorders, and therefore the target of surveillance may not suspect for a long time that he is being audio-surveilled. As soon as suspicions arise about a leak of confidential information or personal data, it is necessary to check for the presence of installed tracking systems. You can order a search service for hidden voice recorders from our detective agency.


The number of cases of detection of secretly installed hidden video cameras is steadily growing from year to year. The subjects of surveillance include both large businessmen and ordinary office workers, as well as unfaithful spouses. Thanks to their miniature size, hidden video cameras can be placed both in walls and in interior items. They record everything that happens within their range and transmit information via communication channels or save it to a server.

Since spy devices are well camouflaged when installed, it can be very difficult to detect them on your own. A high-quality search for hidden video cameras can only be performed by a professional with experience in this industry and special equipment. You can order this service from our detective agency.


Malicious spyware is usually installed on phones and computers by attackers in order to gain access to personal data and financial information. Intercepting and recording calls and SMS, listening to private and business conversations, obtaining private information (photos and videos) for subsequent blackmail, obtaining passwords and access codes - this is not a complete list of threats from installing eavesdropping programs on your gadgets.

If a “leak” of any personal data is detected, it is necessary to conduct a wiretapping test of phones and computers as soon as possible. This will help prevent further unauthorized access to your information. You can order this service from our detective agency. When checking wiretapping of a mobile phone and computer, our specialists use modern equipment and special devices that allow them to identify and deactivate malware and hidden surveillance devices.


GPS trackers are tracking devices equipped with more powerful power sources than GSM bugs. This allows them to work autonomously longer, which means they can conduct long-term continuous surveillance of a given object. In addition, the GPS tracker is equipped with a GPS antenna, which allows you to track the movement of the car via a satellite signal with an accuracy of 1 meter.

Installing this device on a car gives the fraudster the opportunity to spy on an object of interest in real time. Checking your car for bugs will help you find and deactivate any illegally installed tracking devices, as well as prevent the negative consequences of such surveillance. You can order this service from our detective agency. Checking the machine for bugs is carried out by highly qualified specialists who use professional equipment in their work.




The first stage of checking for bugs and wiretapping is a visual inspection. It consists of a thorough examination of the premises, communications, furniture, baseboards and cornices, keyholes, radiators, decorative and interior elements, and other items. First of all, they check things that catch the eye or seem suspicious - strange holes, illogically located or repeated objects, etc. During a visual inspection, as a rule, the necessary dismantling or disassembly of communications equipment, small household appliances and other items is performed. The specialist who carries out the inspection must have the necessary experience and understand the design features of a particular filling device.


The next step in checking the premises for bugs is a thorough inspection of electrical wiring, low-current lines, all telephone and electrical outlets, switches, power supplies, household appliances and other electrical items. This work is carried out both through visual inspection and with the help of special equipment - multifunctional search devices, designed to search and establish tracking systems and data leakage channels.


An obligatory part of checking the premises for bugs is a thorough inspection of the ceiling space - most often unauthorized wiretapping and video surveillance are installed there. Thus, attackers mostly place hidden video cameras in smoke detectors. Wiretapping is installed in ceiling lamps and chandeliers - there bugs can constantly receive power and work continuously. In addition, the likelihood of detection of spy tracking systems placed on the ceiling is significantly lower.


This stage of checking a room for bugs involves detecting active radio transmitters and other tracking devices by scanning the radio spectrum. The analyzer used in this case allows you to identify suspicious activity, convert the signal from the microphone and quickly determine the location of the bookmark.

It is important to note that in this case, only on-air activity can be assessed. This means that if the bookmark operates in “pulse” mode (according to a schedule, “triggered” by a voice, as a certain amount of data is accumulated, etc.) and at the time of checking is in “standby mode”, it will remain for the spectrum unnoticeable. To prevent this, the specialists of our detective agency use additional equipment in the complex.


At this stage, a spectral analysis of potential sites for planting spy equipment - GPS bugs and trackers - is carried out. In this way, active or activated devices are determined. When the antenna of the search device approaches the location of the “bug”, the indicators of the analyzer begin to behave abnormally. Controlling the “sensitivity” of the device allows you to accurately determine the location of the bookmark and efficiently check the premises for bugs and wiretapping.


In the process of checking a premises for the presence of bugs, the specialists of our detective agency examine not only the visible space of the premises, but also all hard-to-reach places, in which the likelihood of placing hidden tracking devices is much higher. In this case, one cannot do without the use of additional search devices - endoscopes (probes with a camera on a flexible cord). Suspicious objects discovered during such an inspection are further examined using special professional equipment.


Standard antivirus programs, as a rule, do a poor job of identifying spyware installed by scammers on your computer or phone. Moreover, if they have already “discredited” themselves during the initial installation of malware on your device. To find and neutralize bugs, cybersecurity specialists from our detective agency use security systems for smartphones, as well as targeted, highly targeted programs of the Anti-Spyware class. Checking for bugs and wiretapping (scanning process) is fully automated, followed by removal of malware from the device.

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